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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am interested in ordering a “ Highboard HB-1” and kindly request that you provide me with a quote.

Every piece of furniture in the Sarah Maier Collection is provided with a signature plate which may be embellished by one of the following options:

Please send a photo of the drawing to:

This furniture is perfectly wrapped in Poison Wood veneer, a Mexican Rosewood, that is poisoness when thouched until two weeks after cutting.

The picture of the wood flows all around the piece of furniture. So it can stand freely in the room, as a separation for example.

Inside there is everything you need: Phones, printer, laptop… everything can be easily connected with wires that are invisible beyond the lectern. The latter is the perfect reason for finally show our beautiful photo picture books, the latest invitation etc.

The measures are 105cm/49cm/111cm and can be prolonged by 95cm.