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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am interested in ordering a “Laptop Tower LT-FP.1” and kindly request that you provide me with a quote.

Custom options for the Laptop Tower (please see the price list for full details):

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The Laptop Tower (LT) is a standing desk for use at home, in offices or in public settings. The finely crafted piece is handsomely finished with a combination of veneer and paint ranging in colour from chocolate brown to deep black (FP.1).

1187x494x494 mm

Veneer Partita Bog Oak
Bog oak is a rare, exceptionally valuable timber. The veneer is light brown at the heart and darker toward the outer rings. It comes from oak trees that have lain submerged in peat bogs and marshes for up to 8,000 years. The chemical reaction between the tannins in the oak and iron sulphate in the water greatly darkened the wood and increased its density over the centuries.