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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am interested in ordering a “Laptop Tower LT-FP.2” and kindly request that you provide me with a quote.

Custom options for the Laptop Tower (please see the price list for full details):

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The Laptop Tower (LT) is a standing desk. The finely crafted piece is handsomely finished with a combination of veneer and cream-coloured paint (FP.2).

1187x494x494 mm

Veneer Partita Red Gum
This timber grows in the south-eastern United States, reaching a height of 30 m.  It has reddish to brown-coloured heartwood bordered by creamy white sapwood. Red gum can be beautifully finished to a high polish. Logs with red and highly figured heartwood are especially prized. The veneer is particularly striking in combination with cream-coloured paint.